Comments from readers

Real information for real people to reach real goals.  This wonderfully written book makes it clear that success does not have to be complicated.  Emma’s style makes reading this book fun, as if we were sitting across the table from each other.  The information, the quotes, the workbook sections make for a tool you will want to keep handy as you move through your professional and personal goals.

 Dana Morgan-Barnes, Life & Speaker Coach

Hello Emma I took my daughter to hockey today and knowing that I had a 45 minute wait before her game started, I took your book with me. I set it down on the table so I could take off my coat and get comfortable in my chair. The man next to me saw the book and asked if he could take a photo of the cover page so he could get your book. I finished your book at the hockey game and found it very enjoyable and light reading. I thought the book was interesting and the stories in the book made it more real and personable. I liked how the exercises built on the previous one to make a goal. I am planning now to reread the book and actually do the exercises instead of just thinking about my response. I now need 3 more books for Christmas presents.

 Stephen Clark, Professional Wedding MC