The number one reason to set goals is to take control of your life.

As children, our dreams have no boundaries. Girl reading the bookOur imagination takes off in all directions and we fantasise about being utterly fabulous. At some point we lose sight of our early dreams as the rules of society take over. Sometimes we lose control of our life. Sometimes we end up in a rut that is so deep we can’t see over the edge. I wrote this book to help people start to take back control of their life.

By setting goals, no matter how small, we can start to regain control. Goals help you take charge. They provide a target for you to aim at. They give you a purpose and provide opportunities for growth and development. Without creating a way for that to happen, wishes become dreams and dreams rarely come true.

By setting goals, you can work out how to get out of your rut and take back control of your life. When I decided to make big changes in my life, I realised that I needed help with setting goals. I searched the internet and quickly found there is a lot of advice but nothing that taught me what I wanted to know.

In the last few years, I have provided guidance and training to many people looking to make changes in their lives. The number one skill that they lack is how to set quality goals. Hence, I wrote this book.

Real-Book-061 When we dream about what we want, we get excited and hopeful for the future. We can see a way to change our lives. By setting goals, we can make short-term and long-term changes. As you develop new skills and increase your knowledge, your self-esteem grows.

This book is designed as a guide and a workbook.

As you read through you will find exercises to complete, so that by the end of the book you will have at least one, well-crafted goal and a plan for success. Once you have created one goal, you can go on and create more. As many as you like. As big as you wish. The bigger they are, the more exciting they get.

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