Dr. Emma E. Frost Named a Top Female Executive for Excellence in Personal and Professional Training.


Dr. Frost identifies leadership skills in clients, and she helps them optimize their performances 

WINNIPEG, MB, October 31, 2016, Emma Frost, Owner and Trainer of CanLead Training, has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in personal and professional training.

Worldwide Branding, the world’s leading international personal branding organization, is proud to endorse the notable professional efforts and accomplishments of Emma E. Frost. A member in good standing, Dr. Frost parlays 15 years’ experience into her professional network, and has been noted for achievements, leadership abilities, and the credentials she has provided in association with her Worldwide Branding membership.

About Dr. Emma E. Frost

Dr. Frost prepared for her career by attending training, workshop programs, seminars, and leadership training at universities around the world. She has been training employees for the last eight years in all aspects of leadership development and personal development. Through CanLead Training, Dr. Frost provides a customized experiential learning environment in which clients identify their leadership skills, and learn how to optimize their performance.

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