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clock - time flies when you are busy!

Why is it that when we have so much to do, there is not enough time to get even one thing done? Today I spent five hours with a client, when I had only scheduled two. The reason the appointment took to long is that he couldn’t remember his passwords. This might seem fairly trivial, except that without them it wasn’t possible to do anything! So I spent about an hour resetting and reinventing passwords, and waiting for confirmation phone calls. I had a busy day planned, and now I have to move some tasks to another day, and another to-do-list, adding to another busy schedule.

There are easy ways to keep track of passwords. I have a little book with all of mine in. The critical ones I can remember, but those ones I use infrequently are all in one place! When I need a user name or password for a website or service I have signed up for, I can just flick to the correct page in my notebook, and voila! My little book is always kept in the same place, do I don’t even have to spend time looking for it. I can’t tell you how many times my patience has been extended by having the information to hand on a busy day.

Now I have about 30 minutes before the end of the working day, and I still have three hours of work to catch up on. Clearly I won’t get much of anything done. But I told my client to get a notebook to keep his passwords in so that when he is busy, and has a lot to do, and needs to find the password, he can! And easily! The same is true of phone numbers, email addresses, and other snippets of information that we need to access infrequently. Keeping them all in one place makes life so much easier, and saves so much time.

Back to work.

Be Fabulous!

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