Take Control of Your life

The number one reason to set goals is to take control of your life. By setting goals, no matter how small, we can start to regain control. Goals help you take charge. They provide a target for you to aim at. They give you a purpose and provide opportunities for growth and development. You can spend weeks searching the internet for help on goal setting. There are (literally) millions of web pages with ideas, suggestions and helpful comments to guide you. Unless you pay big bucks, there are no actual classes available. This book is designed as a guide and a workbook. As you read through you will find exercises to complete, so that by the end of the book you will have at least one, well-crafted goal and a plan for success. Once you have created one goal, you can go on and create more. As many as you like. As big as you wish. The bigger they are, the more exciting they get.

About the Author

After a 30 year career in science, Emma broke away to start up her own speaking business. Her inspiration came from the realisation that she didn’t like science, and had allowed other people to control her life decisions. Three years ago, she took back control and is now sharing her experiences on how to improve your life through development of leadership skills you already possess. Emma brings her unique style of motivation to conferences, conventions, corporate events and business workshops. She inspires others to reach inside themselves, identify their strengths and find the courage to take back control of their life. She engages and delights her audiences with storytelling, humour, and enlightening insights that create a fun, upbeat and memorable event. Emma has been training leaders for twelve years. She helps people overcome barriers to their success, helping them move forward, and become better team members. She is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals using her neuroscience background to present brain based training.

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